NSO News Releases

Official tourism statistics published by the National Statistics Office (NSO) featured below, provide a detailed picture of tourism performance in Malta and Gozo:

  • Inbound Tourists
  • Collective Accommodation
  • Cruise Passengers
  • Outbound Tourism
  • English Language Learning Travel


Inbound Tourists

Inbound Tourism: Apr 2019 NR087/2019
Inbound Tourism: Mar 2019 NR069/2019
Inbound Tourism: Feb 2019 NR053/2019
Inbound Tourism: Jan 2019 NR041/2019
Inbound Tourism: Dec 2018 NR017/2019
Inbound Tourism: Nov 2018 NR005/2019
Inbound Tourism: Oct 2018 NR191/2018
Inbound Tourism: Sep 2018 NR177/2018
Inbound Tourism: Aug 2018 NR155/2018
Inbound Tourism: Jul 2018 NR140/2018
Inbound Tourism: Jun 2018 NR121/2018
Inbound Tourism: May 2018 NR109/2018
Inbound Tourism: Apr 2018 NR087/2018
Inbound Tourism: Mar 2018 NR069/2018
Inbound Tourism: Feb 2018 NR053/2018
Inbound Tourism: Jan 2018 NR041/2018
Inbound Tourism: Dec 2017 NR016/2018
Inbound Tourism: Nov 2017 NR005/2018
Inbound Tourism: Oct 2017 ​​NR191/2017
​​​​​​Inbound Tourism: Sep 2017 ​​NR179/2017
Inbound Tourism: Aug 2017 ​​NR157/2017​
Inbound Tourism: Jul 2017​ NR142/2017​
​​​​​Inbound Tourism: Jun 2017 ​​NR125/2017
​​​​Inbound Tourism: May 2017 NR114/2017
Inbound Tourism: Apr 2017 ​​NR089/2017
​​Inbound Tourism: Mar 2017 NR072/2017
Inbound Tourism: Feb 2017 NR059/2017
Inbound Tourism: Jan 2017 ​​​​​NR039/2017
Inbound Tourism: Dec 2016 NR020/2017
Inbound Tourism: Nov 2016 NR003/2017
​​Inbound Tourism: Oct 2016 NR196/2016
​Inbound Tourism: Sep 2016 NR182/2016
Inbound Tourism: Aug 2016 NR157/2016
Inbound Tourism: Jul 2016 NR143/2016
Inbound Tourism: Jun 2016 ​​​NR121/2016
Inbound Tourism: May 2016 NR111/2016
Inbound Tourism: Apr 2016 NR087/2016
Inbound Tourism: Mar 2016 NR070/2016
​​Inbound Tourism: Feb 2016 NR055/2016
Inbound Tourism: Jan 2016 NR036/2016
Inbound Tourism: Dec 2015 NR017/2016
​Inbound Tourism: Nov 2015 NR236/2015
​Inbound Tourism: Oct 2015 NR221/2015
Inbound Tourism: Sep 2015 NR200/2015
Inbound Tourism: Aug 2015 NR178/2015
Inbound Tourism: Jul 2015 NR160/2015
Inbound Tourism: Jun 2015 NR142/2015
Inbound Tourism: May 2015 NR125/2015
Inbound Tourism: Apr 2015 NR104/2015
Inbound Tourism: Mar 2015 NR082/2015
​Inbound Tourism: Feb 2015 NR062/2015
Inbound Tourism: Jan 2015 NR039/2015
​Inbound Tourism: Dec 2014 NR021/2015



Collective Accommodation


Collective Accommodation: Q1/2019 NR079/2019
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Q4/2018 NR032/2019
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Q3/2018 NR186/2018
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Q2/2018 NR131/2018
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Q1/2018 NR080/2018
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Q4/2017 NR033/2018
​​​​​Collectiv​e Accommodation: Sep 2017 ​​​​​​​​​​NR189/2017
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Aug 2017​ ​​​​​​​​​​NR173/2017
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Jul 2017​ NR153/2017
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Jun 2017​ ​​​​​​​​​​NR137/2017
​​​​​Collectiv​e Accommodation: May 2017 ​​​​​​​​​​NR121/2017
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Apr 2017 ​​​​​​​​​NR105/2017
​​​Collectiv​e Accommodation: Mar 2017 NR086/2017
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Feb 2017 ​​​​​​​NR067/2017
​Collectiv​e Accommodation: Jan 2017 NR056/2017
​​​​​Collectiv​e Accommodation: Dec 2016 ​​​​​NR038/2017
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Nov 2016 NR016/2017
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Oct 2016​​ NR002/2017
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Sep 2016 NR194/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Aug 2016​​ NR176/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Jul 2016​ NR154/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Jun 2016 NR137/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: May 2016 NR118/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Apr 2016 NR104/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Mar 2016 NR084/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Feb 2016​ NR068/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Jan 2016 NR052/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Dec 2015 NR033/2016
Collectiv​e Accommodation: Nov 2015 NR013/2016
Collective Accommodation: Oct 2015 ​​NR232/2015
Collective Accommodation: Sep 2015 NR220/2015
Collective Accommodation: Aug 2015 NR196/2015
Collective Accommodation: Jul 2015 NR177/2015
​Collective Accommodation: Jun 2015 NR159/2015
Collective Accommodation: May 2015 NR139/2015
Collective Accommodation: Apr 2015 NR123/2015
Collective Accommodation: Mar 2015 NR100/2015
Collective Accommodation: Feb 2015 NR080/2015
​Collective Accommodation: Jan 2015 NR056/2015
Collective Accommodation: Dec 2014 NR037/2015
Collective Accommodation: Nov 2014 NR017/2015


Cruise Passengers


Cruise Passengers: Q1/2019 NR063/2019
Cruise Passengers: Q4/2018 NR009/2019
Cruise Passengers: Q3/2018 NR169/2018
Cruise Passengers: Q2/2018 NR113/2018
Cruise Passengers: Q1/2018 NR061/2018
Cruise Passengers: Q4/2017 NR009/2018
Cruise Passengers: Q3/2017 NR167/2017
Cruise Passengers: Q2/2017 NR118/2017
Cruise Passengers: Q1/2017 NR066/2017
Cruise Passengers: Q4/2016 NR012/2017
​​Cruise Passengers: Q3/2016 NR170/2016
Cruise Passengers: Q2/2016 NR115/2016
​Cruise Passengers: Q1/2016 NR067/2016
Cruise Passengers: Q4/2015 NR009/2016
​Cruise Passengers: Q3/2015 NR189/2015
​Cruise Passengers: Q2/2015 NR136/2015​
​​​Cruise Passengers: Q1/2015 ​​​NR077/2015
​Cruise Passengers: Q4/2014 NR013/2015

Outbound Tourism

Outbound Tourism: Q1/2019 NR076/2019
Outbound Tourism: Q4/2018 NR023/2019
Outbound Tourism: Q3/2018 NR180/2018
Outbound Tourism: Q2/2018 NR128/2018
Outbound Tourism: Q1/2018 NR077/2018
Outbound Tourism: Q4/2017 NR025/2018
Outbound Tourism: Q3/2017 NR182/2017
Outbound Tourism: Q2/2017 NR132/2017
Outbound Tourism: Q1/2017 NR082/2017
Outbound Tourism: Q4/2016 NR029/2017
Outbound Tourism: Q3/2016 NR185/2016
Outbound Tourism: Q2/2016 NR129/2016
Outbound Tourism: Q1/2016 NR080/2016
Outbound Tourism: Q4/2015 NR027/2016
Outbound Tourism: Q3/2015 NR208/2015
Outbound Tourism: Q2/2015 NR151/2015
Outbound Tourism: Q1/2015 NR094/2015
Outbound Tourism: Q4 2014 NR031/2015


English Language Learning Travel


Teaching English as a Foreign Language: 2018 NR042/2019
Teaching English as a Foreign Language: 2017 NR042/2018
Teaching English as a Foreign Language: 2016 NR048/2017
Teaching English as a Foreign Language: 2015 NR057/2016
Teaching English as a Foreign Language: 2014 NR065/2015