PATH Skills Card

Path Scheme

PATH ‘Proficiency Acknowledgement in Tourism and Hospitality' is a skills card which will provide recognition for persons working in the sector.

The card provides proof that individuals working in specific occupations within their respective fields have the required knowledge, skills and competences.

The skills card is intended to facilitate career progression and promote lifelong learning through formal, informal and non - formal learning.

Formal qualifications may not always be required to progress from one card to another.

Workers within this industry will be incentivised to upgrade, modernize and develop their skills to meet future challenges.

The Pilot Project

Throughout this pilot project, PATH is limited to two areas of operation - food and beverage service and food preparation. The levels will also be initially linked to the Malta Qualifications Framework levels 2 and 3, with the corresponding card colours; blue and silver.

The Institute of Tourism Studies is the entity responsible for interviewing and assessing the candidates accordingly to their skills and competencies.

Upon recommendation of the Institute of Tourism Studies and subsequent approval of the Hospitality and Tourism SSU - NCFHE, applicants will be issued a skills card and a certificate award.

The grading system encourages and creates a motivational effect for the workforce to proceed from one card level to another.



Ms. Lorraine Attard
Quality Assurance & Industry HR Executive
T: 22915728